Teaching Assistant in Probability and Statistics for Engineering

Undergraduate course, AmirKabir University, Computer Engineering And Information Technology Department, 2018

This course is taught by Dr.Heari. My main task includes:

  • Creating and designing assignments
  • Conducting classes for students in which extra contents and concepts were presented. Such as:
    • A Probabilistic Cache Schedule Method
    • Naive Bayes Classifier as a simple example of PGMs
    • Why do we use MSE? Showing the connection between Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Gaussian noise and minimizing the MSE
    • Bootstrap as a way to estimate a Statistic and then construct a confidence interval.
    • Random Walk

Assignments have two parts.

Computer Experiments

Questions includes:

  • Calculating Probabilities
  • Proofing the property
  • Modeling some real world example with our statistical tools

Computer Experiment includes:

  • Naive Bayes Classifier
  • Sampling From a Distribution and Plotting corresponding Graphs

For more information about the question material checkout github